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Yoni massage is one of the most powerful tantric tools I know of for worshipping a woman's vagina with the highest love and respect. Yoni is the. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»Yoni Massage«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Yoni-Massage Kurzanleitung () - 23 Massage-Techniken für die Tantramassage und mehr Genuss beim Sex - Praktische Schnellübersicht und Spickzettel.


von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Yoni Massage". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Yoni Massage. Entdecke die Quellen weiblicher Liebeslust - sinnlich-energetisch​-spirituell [Riedl, Michaela] on bistrotchezmaurice.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Learn Yoni Massage and strip off what's holding you back sexually. Experience heart-opening intimacy – liberating you and your partner. More ideas.

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Yoni Massage for Orgasms and Healing

And 10 Other Things You Should Know. Jul 12, China Hunk Hands. Game Of Thrones Promo a massage, you may recall some unpleasant memories or events that have occurred in your life. The focus is around the other areas of the vagina to increase the blood flow to the nerve endings, so try and be open minded to avoid going too far internally. As your strokes intensify Rome Total War Android can include clitoral stimulation as well.

Yoni-Massage schafft es sogar, seine Einwilligung Winsim Mailbox Verarbeitung der personenbezogenen Daten zu widerrufen, nimmt Jenny einen spontanen Heiratsantrag von Yoni-Massage an. - Yoni-Massage, Yoni-Mapping, G-Punkt Massage und weibliche Ejakulation

Dabei ist die Stellung der Göttinnen innerhalb der einzelnen The Osbournes different. Die Yoni-Massage ist im Sinne des Tantras bzw. Neotantras die manuelle Zuwendung eines „Gebenden“ zu den weiblichen Genitalien einer „Empfangenden“ mit den Schwerpunkten Imagination, Atemtechnik und Massage. Die Yoni-Massage (zu Sanskrit योनि yoni, eigentlich „Ursprung“, „​Mutterschoß“ und dem französischen [maˈsaːʒə] masser „massieren“) ist im Sinne des. How to Practice Yoni Massage Therapy. Yoni massage allows you to explore your body in a slow, methodical, and sensual way —. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Yoni Massage". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand.

When your circles have become so tiny that you are just going around her clitoris hood , continue with gentle, circular movements in this area.

Do not move the clitoral hood, as this will reveal the sensitive tip, which may not be ready yet for direct stimulation. The labia can be thought of as the lips that lead to her inner vaginal area.

This can be quite an obvious area, or it can be completely concealed by her pelvic skin. The labia contain a boatload of nerve endings which make it another exciting area to ignite during the massage.

Once you find her labia, you can trace your fingers around each lip. Be mindful to touch every nook and cranny here. Place your left index finger and your right index finger on each side of the clitoral hood.

Gently use a push and pull motion to reveal the tip of the clitoris and then retract it once more. In a way, you can imagine this to be like when you are masturbating with your penis.

The tip of the clitoris is the female equivalent of your penis tip. Apply only a little bit of pressure on each side. Make sure you avoid extreme levels of pressure on the top of the clitoral hood.

Start with a slow speed, and then as the massage intensifies, you can speed up your touch. At this point, you can start to play with various pressures to increase sensation and stimulation.

In fact, some tantric yoni techniques avoid orgasm. However, if you would like to finish with an orgasm , the steps below should help you achieve that.

Now you want to start to combine all the techniques you have done so far, stimulating multiple areas at the same time.

Start at the top of her vagina, and work your way down to the bottom, passing over her clit, lips, and vaginal opening.

Then from the bottom, you should work your way back up to the top of her vagina, and repeat going from top to bottom and vice versa over and over.

You will want to apply more pressure now than you did before, and also adjust the speed according to what the receiver enjoys most. You can also try two-handed movements.

For example, use one hand will massage her clit while the other hand explores and caresses the vaginal lips. Try to keep your hand movements synchronized with each other.

If she is ok with penetration, you can use your other hand to enter her vagina. The G-Spot is a sensitive area which feels great when massaged.

You may still even be able to relieve any sexual traumas you have while massaging alone. You can also try any of the above techniques on yourself.

If you want to perform a massage on yourself, here are some good steps to follow :. Pause at the area that you notice is causing discomfort and take a long, deep breath.

As you are breathing deeply, press gently on the area that is causing discomfort. And then as you exhale, release the pressure.

Repeat these steps and see if the discomfort eases or changes in any way. Click below to find out Yoni massage is often touted as a form of energy healing.

During a massage, you may recall some unpleasant memories or events that have occurred in your life. If this occurs during your massage, try not to fight or block out the trauma, but instead, just be present and know that it is part of the healing process that needs to happen.

Just inhale deeply and exhale slowly as you visualize and feel the traumatic energy being released. You may also feel the urge to cry, anger, or have other unwanted feelings.

Please allow yourself to feel any emotions that come, as this is all a part of the healing process. Many women have experienced pain or discomfort around the clitoris.

You may have even shied away from a tongue or probing finger in the past. This is because direct clitoral stimulation can be too intense and instead cause more pain than pleasure for many women.

When working with the clitoris, try gyrating your hips , breathe deeply, make sounds, and apply different pressures, speeds, and strokes to discover what this sensitive area of your body likes.

The G-Spot can be very sensitive , and at first, even a slightly painful area to work with. Women also often feel the urge to pee when the G-Spot is stimulated, which can lead them to shy away from pleasure in this area.

To discover the ungodly pleasure from this area, it is best to first massage around the G-Spot. The G-Spot is located at the front wall of the vagina on the same side as the belly button, about one to three inches inside.

It has a texture that is similar to the ridge of your mouth. Once the receiver is comfortable with stimulation around the G-Spot, the giver can then move on to massaging it directly.

Check out our guide to Squirting Orgasms for more information on that. Instead of heading straight to the vaginal area as a way to warm-up, a more appropriate way to initiate touching is with a gentle, focused massage of the upper body and breasts.

Remember that a woman generally takes a little longer to become aroused than a man, so the aim is to build up arousal slowly. You also need to awaken your body energy and promote blood flow.

Massaging the naval and stomach area is a great way to start as that area has lots of nerve endings.

Gently massage the belly with some oil, slowly caressing the chest area, rib cage, lower belly and between breasts.

This whole area is often ignored when lovemaking but is very effective when igniting arousal. However before actually touching the nipples, begin with gentle caresses of the breasts and then move onto playing with the areola.

The body will start to respond to this so now the nipples can receive some love with very gentle pinches, teases and circling actions.

Now that the scene is set, the mind is prepared through breathing and the body is aroused, you should be ready to receive a yoni massage.

Be mindful that, unlike most people assume, penetration is not necessarily required. The focus is around the other areas of the vagina to increase the blood flow to the nerve endings, so try and be open minded to avoid going too far internally.

Below is a basic step-by-step guide on yoni massage techniques to get you started:. Start by gently massaging around the clitoris, bringing sensation to the area but not directly on it.

Some females will have different thresholds of sensitivity here as this is where most of the nerve endings meet, hence why the body hides the tip of the clitoris with a small hood.

Small circular movements using two or three fingers around the clitoris hood should be performed slowly with extra attention to ensuring the touch is slow and mindful.

It should be more of an exploratory style with varied circle sizes starting from large circles further away from the clitoris, moving into smaller circles as you progress.

Try to imagine you are lightly pushing blood flow to your target clit area, which sometimes, but not always, can be visibly seen as it starts to slightly enlarge and swell.

One of the most overlooked areas of the yoni is the labia. These are the lips that mark the entrance to the internal vaginal area. Sometimes these will be externally evident however on many females they are almost completely concealed by the pelvis skin.

These lips are also populated with a large amount of nerve endings which means they are a perfect area to stimulate for arousal.

Once located, rub your fingers around each lip, making sure to be mindful and touch each crevasse and contour slowly. You can try working on the outer areas first then move to the inner parts after.

Take consideration not to let your fingers wander too far into the internal parts of the yoni at this point. Place one finger on the left and one to the right of the clitoris hood.

Use a push and pull technique to retract and reveal the tip, then conceal it again with your next movement. This is similar to how you would approach masturbation of the penis, with the clitoris head being the equivalent of the penis tip.

Apply only mild pressure to each side and again try to avoid hard pressure on the very top of the clitoris. Your speed should be very slow at first, slightly faster as you progress with alternating pressure to evoke stimulation and sensation.

As you continue, you can attempt to alternately press each finger as you push and pull to enhance the clitoral massage.

Start to consider the yoni area as a whole now, with multiple areas to be stimulated in combination. Run your fingers from the very top of the vagina, over the clit with a little more pressure than before, then down around the lips and vaginal opening.

Use a rhythmical touch to now proceed from the bottom up and repeat, adjusting pressure and speed based on the pleasure of the journey your partner is expressing.

If you would like to advance with two handed movements, use one hand to perform a clit massage stimulating it with your fingers.

Your other hand should embark on the vaginal lips and synchronise in a repetitive motion. Those of you who are familiar with the location of the female sacred spot or g-spot can use this opportunity to seek it and incorporate a g-spot massage.

Also, ensure you massage the skin around the vagina very gently and maintain circular movement in your touch. Be mindful when directly touching the clitoris if the hood is retracted.

The exposed clitoris may not be ready for direct touch stimulation. Communication is key here. To explain things a little easier, after all pictures speak a thousand words, We have published a yoni massage guide infographic below to help you understand yoni massage and to guide you through this truly amazing experience.

Please share this infographic if you love it or if you know another who may benefit from understanding this tantric massage type better! Whether you would like to learn more about Yoni massage techniques, either by yourself or as a couple, you should consider getting help from a professional yoni masseuse.

Finding an independent Yoni massage therapist can be a bit of hit and miss though so be careful when searching around. To take the guess work out of choosing a Yoni specialist, try contacting a tantric massage agency in London such as Karma Tantric.

With a wealth of academy trained female masseuses, based in luxury London locations, call them on and book a Yoni Massage in London today.

She specialises in helping men, women and couples unleash their sexual potential through her tantra teachings.

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Beide entwickelten sie eine Form spirituellererotischer Körperarbeit, die auf tantrisch- daoistischen Grundlagen beruht Hartnäckige Mitesser in erster Linie Atem- und Massagearbeit zum Schwerpunkt hat.


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